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I just couldn’t help it

Last night's full moon with its rainbow ring

I just couldn’t help it, I HAD to GO
Outside on the deck in the moonlight’s glow,
(Yes, I know it is late and I should be abed,
But the moon calls my name–I can sleep when I’m dead!)

I just couldn’t help it, the moon was so bright
And around it a ring shed a rainbow light,
(Yes, the deadbolt was locked and the kids are asleep,
But I flung the door open–this beauty won’t keep!)

I just couldn’t help it, the clouds scudded fast
O’er the face of the moon, gleaming white as they passed,
(Yes, the night air was chill, and my poor feet were bare,
But the moon was so full, and I knew God was there!)

I just couldn’t help it, the night seemed like day
As the moonbeams poured down, keeping darkness at bay,
(Yes, I know I am grown, not an impulsive kid,
But my soul cried out, “Go!” and I’m so glad I did!)

There is a place

This is an outdoor, brush arbor type area in Danbury where I go to meditate.

There is a place I like to go
When my world is caving in
Where peace will come, I surely know–
A place where few have been.

There is a place I like to sit
And watch the world go by
Where waving trees do bit by bit
Refresh my weary eye.

There is a place I like to pray
It’s not shut up in walls
And the ceiling’s the sky of a winter’s day
The music–the wild birds’ calls.

There is a place I like to go
Where my Maker seems so near
And speaks to me on the winds that blow
‘Til my muddled mind is clear.

There is a place. . .won’t you come, too,
To my lovely forest glade?
And we’ll find that peace for me and you
In the beauty He has made.

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