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Seize the day! (The birthday, that is!)

I hear so many people say that a birthday is just another day. Probably even I have said that once or twice, but I didn’t really mean it– shame on me for saying it.

When we get to the point that we realize we have probably already lived more years than we have left and when we remember so many dear friends and loved ones who left us too young, we suddenly realize what another year of life really means. The American Cancer Society has deemed itself the official sponsor of birthdays; that alone speaks volumes of how precious each birthday should be.

I’ve heard people argue that the Bible never says anything about celebrating birthdays and that we shouldn’t make a big deal about the day we were born because it is somehow arrogant. I beg your pardon, but I DISAGREE.

If we expect that day to be all about us and what others can do for us on that day, then yes, that’s arrogant. But if we view the day as a reminder from God that He has blessed us with yet another year to live and do His will, then THAT is a good perspective.

I thank GOD for this birthday! I thank God for His blessings in my life. I choose to use my birthday to be with those I love the most and to reflect on just what God has meant to me in the past year. I also take stock of my life and become determined to make the next year an even more productive one for the Kingdom of God.

On June 6, 2012, I choose to praise my Maker and to practice His presence and to worship Him for WHO HE IS. He is the one who planted me in my mother’s womb, brought me forth with health and started me on my way. His blessings have been poured out so abundantly on me that I just can’t tell it all! He called me, He chose me, He filled me with His precious Spirit and He loves me unconditionally. There is no better birthday present than that.

I thank Him for the hubster choosing to take a day off work so that he can be with me nonstop on my special day. I told him not to, but he insisted. After a few hours of sleep upon coming home from a long night at work tomorrow morning, he will be mine to command! Bring me my favorite food, scratch my back, play Skip-Bo with me, watch a chick flick with me, cheer for the Yankees with me (not gonna happen–ha ha!).

Okay, now I’m getting arrogant, thinking the day is all about me–ha ha!

Seriously, having that kind, thoughtful and adoring man near me all day and night will be a superdeedooper present. (Speaking of presents, I might go peek in the drawer where he hid those packages that came in the mail! Nah, surely I can wait until morning!)

I thank Him that my little kiddies will be with me all day and night, too! They will run and jump into bed with me early in the morning and be so excited to give me the presents and cards they have made. Malachi couldn’t hold back any longer today and gave me his present a bit early–a heart-shaped rock painted red on one side, blue on the other. Abigail followed suit and gave me a rock she had painted for me–pink and purple and blue and other lovely colors and dots.

I thank God that my other two daughters may go out to eat with me tomorrow (one of them called and mentioned that anyway). Both of them have already wished me happy birthday while I’ve been typing this after midnight! They have always made every birthday precious to me just by remembering me and being near.

I thank God that my mother wants to take me out to eat tomorrow, too. I REALLY want to see her–the woman who laboriously gave birth to me at age 19 at the exact same SECOND that another woman was giving birth in Danbury at Stokes-Reynolds Memorial Hospital! Dr. Jack Fowler said that had never happened up there to his knowledge (small hospital, you know). My mama always told me that special story, and I wondered what had happened to that other little girl born at 10:55 a.m. on June 6.

Well, guess what?! When I was taking Driver’s Ed, on my very first day of in-car training, I was placed in the back seat with a tall blond girl named Debbie Whitt from King. We began to chat while we waited for Mr. Leonard, and we freaked out when we realized we were the two record-setting baby girls who had been born at the exact same second in Danbury! Her mother had told her the same story! We are now Facebook friends, and she messaged me last week about how special we were–ha ha!

I thank God that I can stay home on my birthday and enjoy the day–made possible by my unselfish hubster who insisted that I quit my job last fall (as I had desired to do) and follow my dreams of Christian ministry, raising children and writing books. I plan to play games, watch movies, eat good food, play on Facebook, read a good book, fellowship with family and have a prayer/praise session that raises the roof off this little house!

And I thank Him for the little things that I hope to enjoy on this birthday–a cool spring day when June is often already so hot, the barking of my sweet hero beagle Rocky Balboa, the smell of my vanilla lotion when I put it on, the thought that–God willing–I will see Derek Jeter and my beloved NY Yankees in Atlanta next week, reading the poem “And What Is So Rare As a Day in June,” the beautiful black horse in the lush green meadow behind my house, the sound of my children’s voices all around me, the hubster’s corny yet hilarious jokes, some kind of ice cream treat and who knows what else?!

My birthday advice to me and to you: Life is short–yea, even a vapor. Even the Good Book says so. Go for the gusto. Remember the blessings He has showered on you during the last year of life. Thank Him for what He’s doing right NOW and for simply Who He is. Look ahead to whatever life you have left with the mindset of following Him more closely and walking in divine order. Celebrate His wonderful gift of life by making a difference in this world.

Carpe diem (seize the day!)

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